Iris Carols

Thornbird, the Space-Age Iris

You know Tall Ships, Suki, Darkside and Prom Night,
Habit, Gold Ring, Rare Treat and Full Tide.
Unique as any of their day,
but not in a spooned or horned way?

Well..... Thornbird, the Space-Age iris
Had a spooned and purpley beard,
A strange but distinctive color,
Frequently described as weird.

Traditional irisarians
Liked to laugh and call it names.
They made a face when Thornbird
Was entered in our iris "games."

Then in 1996
The Wister Thornbird won,
And folks who'd scorned the space-age form
Found that its time had come.

The Dykes Medal went to Thornbird
And space-age lovers sang with glee,
Thornbird, the space-age iris
Will live in iris history.

Lyrics courtesy of Jeanne Clay Plank
Background graphics by Bob Seaman