Ordering Information 2024

Leonine Iris is a home-based garden business, not a production nursery, so rhizomes are limited; please place your order early for the best selection!

We have been providing quality rhizomes from our 1000+ bearded and beardless iris collection since 2004. In 2009 we narrowed our scope to specializing in Pacific Coast Irises. Our primary goal is to grow a living archive of PCIs and to help achieve that goal, we are constantly looking for PCIs we are not yet growing. If you grow a valid, registered PCI that we do not grow, we are more than willing to trade for it! Just let us know what you've got and what you may like in return!

Three Purchasing Opportunities

September Shipping

Rhizomes are dug and processed by batches according to fulfillment needs. To preserve the health of the rhizomes, they are dug, processed and shipped within a narrow time-frame. This is a very busy time for us and it's the primary reason for all orders being shipped, even for local purchases.

NOTE: The opening date is subject to change. Life can throw us curve-balls... and our ability to juggle them dimishes as we age!

April/May Curbside

There will be NO in-garden sales in May!!

September Curbside

Before Ordering:

We recommend that you know your hardiness zone and plan accordingly. Most irises are pretty tough and can adapt to many different climates. However, irises such as Pacific Coast Native, Japanese and several species irises require higher maintenance or need special considerations. The majority of the information we provide here is based on our USDA local Zone 8 growing conditions. We would be glad to assist you in researching possible special needs for irises in your locale, but you may want to contact your local nursery or Iris Society for local growing advice. The American Iris Society website (www.irises.org) is a great resource for locating contact information for local societies.

Our Pacific Coast and other beardless Iris rhizomes are dug and shipped mid-September, and must be replanted immediately, due to their persnickety needs. Beardless Iris rhizomes must not be allowed to dry out! Be prepared to plant them within a few days of receiving your order. Our Beardless Iris Culture reference page provides details for optimum planting conditions.

Although we no longer ship Bearded Iris, you may find this information useful: Rhizomes are typically dug and shipped from mid-July through mid-August. Bearded Iris rhizomes will go into a semi-dormant state when they are dug. When kept in a cool and dry area with good airflow they can remain in this state for several weeks without too much harm. However, the sooner they are replanted, the sooner they can begin re-establishing themselves. We recommend that you be prepared to plant the rhizomes fairly soon after receiving them. Our Bearded Iris Culture reference page provides preparation details.

Our Guarantee to you: We will only provide you with the healthiest, most vigorous rhizomes available. If any of the rhizomes you order are not up to our quality standards, we will either substitute with a similar variety of equal or greater value if you have indicated that substitutions are allowable, or we will issue a refund.

Please Note: Due to growing conditions beyond our control, we cannot guarantee the longevity of the life of your rhizomes. However, we do want you to be happy with your purchase and will work with you to achieve your satisfaction in the event that your rhizomes do not survive their first season. Please note that Pacific Coast irises are extremely unpredictable in their survival rate and for this reason we cannot guarantee survival even their first season. They are notorious for their challenging ways, but are worth the efforts to get them established. Once established they generally thrive!