Garden Labels

Garden labels are an important part of a display garden. They help identify plants for visitors, and in my case they serve as a reminder of names of plants that tucked away in my brain but can't always find them again when I need them! For many years I've used the standard zinc nameplate and galvanized wire garden labels as they are durable, last for several years and my clear laser-printed labels will adhere to them. In my youth I acquired many scars from the sharp-cornered zinc plates, so when round-corner plates came about, I was quite pleased. Then on the other hand, I would often be grumbling softly to myself (and thinking words that are not gentlemanly) with frustration when I would find that the wire had rusted underground (not too surprising in the Pacific Northwest) or when I would inadvertently bend or crumple the nameplate and have to bend it back into a close semblance of its original form. In 2017 my good friend Patrick Spence of Cascadia Iris Gardens gave me some samples of a new stainless steel wire (6", 12" and 18") and nameplate label he'd had manufactured. I was quickly hooked and started the task of re-labeling my entire Pacific Coast Iris collection! I haven't regretted it! My next phase is to re-label the rest of the iris collection.

You'll see the new labels and old labels in use if you tour the garden in May. When you do a side-by-side comparison you'll be hooked too!