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These answers to frequently asked questions might be of interest:

When will I be able to purchase iris?

We have a limited sales season which typically runs from mid-April to the end of August. Availability of divisions changes from year to year. The current year's availability is posted in mid-April; sending a "wish list" won't get you ahead of the game! Additional details can be found here.

When will iris ship?

Shipping is completed en masse in mid-September. This timeframe is best for our parent plants, giving them a chance to get re-established before our cold weather sets in and coincidentally is when I can get vacation time from the job-for-income.

Why have a contact form?

The contact form helps control incoming solicitations and junk email. I'd rather not have to waste my time filtering through offers for services I don't need! (If I want a "service", I'll find it on my own.)

Why won't the contact form work for me?

All fields are required. Plain text in the message only; copying and pasting of formatted text may be blocked or simply not display properly. The "captcha" image can be viewed by people and not bots. All letters in the "captcha" code are lower case, referencing a love of iris!