A Flower For All Seasons

Considering all of the various forms of iris, it is possible to have some type of iris in bloom throughout the year! The chart below is a graphical demonstration of this.

  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Aril/Arilbred (AR/AB)                    
Border Bearded (BB)                    
Dutch Iris                    
English Iris                    
Intermediate Bearded (IB)                    
Iris foetodisima (Showy seeds)              
Iris japonica                      
Iris reticulata varieties                  
Iris unguicularis            
Miniature Dwarf Bearded (MDB)                    
Miniature Tall Bearded (MTB)                    
Pacific Coast                    
Reblooming Bearded            
Standard Dwarf Bearded (SDB)                    
Tall Bearded (TB)                    

Note: Within each classification of iris there is a further sub-classification determined by the bloom time and each variety is granted a designation of "Very Early" through "Very Late". When utilizing iris in the landscape, consideration of bloom time can greatly prolong the length of the show.

Note: In the Pacific Northwest, effects of micro-climates can be very pronounced and affect blooming times dramatically. Two of the same varieties planted in the same landscape in different locations can bloom consecutively rather than concurrently!