Iris Carols

The Iris Show Song

Tables set up in a local mall,
White tube holders in a row,
Bustling gardeners with arms full of stalks
They are going to enter in the show.
Everybody knows
That if you choose your finest stalks,
You groom and label them just right,
You place them artfully within the tube,
A ribbon may be yours tonight.
The judges each will have a say,
As they examine all the entries while you pray.
And every member of the club would like to know
If there's a trick to how to win a Queen of Show.
And so I'm offering this simple wish
to all for whom "the show's the thing"
Although it's been said many times, many ways:
Happy Show Time,
This Spring!

Lyrics courtesy of Jeanne Clay Plank
Background graphics by Bob Seaman