Iris Carols

Let 'em Grow!

Oh the iris we grow are charming,
They've a beauty that's so disarming,
We must enter them in our Show, sooo
Let 'em grow, let 'em grow, let 'em grow!

We will feed and water and train them,
With the hope that some judge will acclaim them,
Then we'll cut them in prime to go
To the show, to the show, to the show!

With our show entries on the bench
When time comes to judge we try
To hear anything judges say,
'Bout our flowers while they're judging on by.

If the Queen of Show finds our flower
We'll tell listeners by the hour
Every detail of what we know to
Win the show, win the show, win the show!

Lyrics courtesy of Jeanne Clay Plank
Background graphics by Bob Seaman