Rhizome Sales 2019 Availability

Last updated: 6/29/2019 Note: Availability is subject to change without notice!

Instructions: Review the available iris below, make a list of what you are interested in and email it to me at preorders@ this website (text only; attachments will not be opened). Please include your shipping zip-code. I will review the list. If all the listed item are available I will respond with a confirmation that includes a total cost, otherwise I'll ask you to choose alternate rhizomes. Once I receive a final confirmation from you I will either invoice you through PayPal (preferred) or you can send a check via USPS. Orders will be finalized when payment is received, in the order that payment is received. This is a cumbersome system but it is my best option right now.... Thank you for your patience!

Note: Rhizomes subtotal minimum is $25.00. Additional shipping and handling will be calculated for each rhizome above 6 ordered; minimum shipping and handling is $12.00. We cannot hold orders. Order pick-up is not an option. Our shipping window is September 17 through September 24, 2019.